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Martes, Marso 12, 2013

Bill Gates' Classroom of the Future 
Bill Gates, Microsoft

Today, classes are too big. Lessons are taught the same way to dozens or hundreds of students -- each of whom has different learning style.
Technology can, and should, change that, Gates argues.
"Being there physically doesn't add much value," Gates told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview. He believes the days of big lectures with hundreds of students gathering in university classrooms may be numbered.
Gates envisions a college of the future in which students watch lessons online, delivered by the brightest minds in the field.
"If you want the very best lectures, if you want the cost efficiency, you have to break down and say, 'you know, let's take someone else's material," Gates said.
With the money saved from hiring professors, resources could be poured into labs and study groups.
Gates' idea is one of many visions for the quickly transforming education system in the United States. In a time where tuition costs are rising, and technology is quickly disrupting major industries, many entrepreneurs are wondering why innovation hasn't driven down the cost.
At this year's South By Southwest technology conference, held in Austin, Texas, a host of startups presented new tools aimed at helping the education sector prosper. Gates delivered a keynote address to the group, highlighting problems in the U.S. education system and their potential solutions.
Gates' main theme was personalized learning, which can be enhanced by new technology.
Displaying a picture of Star Wars' Luke Skywalker crouched next to Yoda, Gates spoke about the importance of personalized learning. Yoda was a great teacher, Gates argued, because the Jedi master understood when Skywalker is losing interest.
"With this wave of software that's being created that personalizes to the student ... there's real promise here that the kids can go back and engage in a way they couldn't before," he said.
The Gates Foundation is investing heavily in education technology. It recently announced that it has invested $100 million in startup inBloom, a service that helps teachers tailor lessons to individual students. Date Retrieved March 13, 2013.

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  1. The current educational system has indeed accommodating a great number of students. However, I still believe that it can and will always provide a good quality education. But amidst the demands in the education nowadays like the constant increase of tuition fees and etc., i agree to what has been stated that one has to be more into what is practical yet beneficial to the child.

  2. Gate's vision is quite interesting and I'm sure it'll be realized soon... with this kind of education, we can have a lesser financial cost but at the same time, fortified with education to all.

  3. This new vision of mr. Gates is very ideal for our education system in our country, the Philippines. In terms of financial matter, many students will get in difficulty. However, this can really improve and ratify our system of education.

    Novert D. Marcellones
    BSED - Cat 2
    12:30 - 2:00

  4. Gate's vision may lead to some point where technology surpasses human capacity. Not ideal though...!

  5. this motion bill gates has sent is pretty amazing , because this is very ideal in education, because students makes an easy access to learning wherein there will be no hustle in the part of the students and as well money saver and the students will carry no more those heavy things ! appropriate and useful !


  6. The main theme is personalized learning. Personalized learning allows ;learner to research and information it may happen in schools and colleges, it embraces learning that happens anywhere like for example in the home, community. This would help the student to learn more and to have good quality of education.

    Bsed- 2
    12:30 - 2:00

  7. This idea created a big imagination to visualize the classroom in the future, which is stated that it is more efficient to personalized learning which can be enhanced by the new technology. No worries about this idea, but how sure they are that learning is effective by using personalized learning in the future? Nevertheless, I hope that this idea will bw a productive one .

    -Evelyn Calimbo-


  8. yes, many students in a small room, sometimes 70 per classroom. yes teacher can handle it but the learning itself can't assure that the students can gain to it.
    technology nowadays helps the teachers to make learning easily delivered to the students and also the students would catch up easily the discussion.
    moreover the technology can highlight the the thought or the importances of the topic.

  9. I agree with Bill Gates point of view but I don't it can be done or applied practically in Philippine Educational System. The ideas of Bill Gates are great for the United States Educational System, it could probably lessen the burdens of students of going to school everyday but then in contrast here in the Philippine education it cannot be because of some considerations about the educational system way back then.

  10. The idea of Bill gate is surely convenient for all. It is hassle free and pretty sure that it will create an effective learning. It saves more time and money, these idea is lessen the worries and burden of the students in going to school.

    - Crestelyn Ceniza

  11. ERICK R. ABARQUEZ BSED-III-SOCIAL STUDIESMarso 18, 2013 nang 10:50 PM

    Well basically, technology is really helpful to us now for integrating to the educational system in our country, but we should not always be dependent to the power of technology like computers.Although the idea of Bill Gates is nice, but we have to settle first some problems here in our country, like on how to improve our facilities and on how to educate the proper use of computer to our citizens here.